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Government Forms Shs24 Trillion Private Energy Fund

The government has created the Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation

Company (UECCC)) to enhance the flow of financing towards private sector-led renewable energy. The government hopes that with UECCC now formed, it will attract private sector investments in renewable energy generations through

By Stephen Otage
21st September 2011  

Transfers of Property Fetch Government Shs1.3b

Uganda Revenue Authority has collected Shs1.3 billion as income tax

from property transfers in three months. This over shadows reports that the compliance check, to collect income tax from the transfer of property worth Shs50 million and above that started in June, would hurt Stamp Duty collections.
By Faridah Kulabako
21st September 2011  


Six companies have lost their telecommunication business licenses in

Uganda after failing to launch their services within the required time. 
The affected firms include; Talk Telecom, Mo Telecom, Mara Telecoms, a subsidiary of the Mara Group, Excellentcom Uganda Limited, Janu
By Walter Wafula
21st September 2011  

Why Local Firms Fail To
Win Major Tenders

Do you know why your firm has been rejected and a tender awarded to a

foreign firm? According to experts, most local firms fail to get contracts because they do not have the required experience and financial standing. According to Mr Benon Kwizera, the Kisoro District Procurement officer, some local firms

By Betty Ndagire
20st September 2011  

Launch New Gorilla

The Uganda Wildlife Authority will in November launch two new gorilla

families families to increase the number of gorilla tracking visitors in order to boost revenue collections. Dr Andrew Seguya, the UWA acting executive director, said Oruzogo and Kahungye, both in the Southern part of Bwindi
By Faridah Kulabako
19th September 2011  

Franc as battering of Shilling

As the Swiss government struggles to contain the strong Franc, the

Shilling continues to face serious battering precipitated by high demand for the dollar and falling inflows. The Shilling, trading at Shs2,820 (as of yesterday) against the dollar, is the worst performing currency globally.
By Othman Semakula & Agencies 
7th September 2011  

We shall reach Afcon

Certain of beating Kenya at Namboole on October 8, a game Uganda must

win to avoid falling into any mathematics to qualify. “We don’t lose at home. No way shall we lose to Kenya and I don’t care what everybody says, really,” said the Scot, clad in his Uganda Cranes polo yellow shirt on black shorts.

By Andrew Mwanguhya 
6th September 2011  


The event still gathers fashionistas and shopaholics at her Garden City

City shop every last weekend of the month. In this Friday’s event, she threw in a fashion show, giving those attending a hint of what the clothes on sale would actually look like when worn.

By Christine Wanjiru Wanjala 
6th August 2011  

New Value Added Tax law to increase cost of services

The VAT Regulations relating to accounting for VAT on imported

services have been amended, and the amendment takes effect from 1 July 2011. all businesses in Uganda that import services from consultants and service providers who are based outside Uganda will pay higher VAT

By Francis Kamulegeya 
5th September 2011  

Chameleone attacks media at his launch

Jose Chameleone’s Mukisa Gwo album launch on Friday was more than

launching songs; the controversial singer also launched attacks on the two leading dailies. Chameleone was not happy that Daily Monitor did not give him prominent pre-event coverage for his concert.

By Darius Mugisha 
5th September 2011  

Contemporary house
buying in Uganda

Modern homes generally match the current technology trends and usually

attract young adults. Architects are constantly changing plans to re-interpret what the idea of modern is. You will also find town homes that are designed to work with the latest gadgets and appliances.

By Joe Nuwamanya
30th August 2011  

Pros and cons construction finance planning

Commercial real estate investment is one of the most sought investment

options in East Africa. The returns are implied to be certain and very rewarding to the investor. However, the way your investment will perform will depend on conditions, both within and out of your control.

By Eddie S Sembatya
30th August 2011  


How genuine is the land you are buying? Securing land is one of the most

important stages of building a house. You can own land by either inheriting it, grabbing it, or buying it. Most us are not fortunate to inherit land and we are ethical and moral enough to want to buy a piece.

By Eddie S Sembatya
30th August 2011  

Uganda praised for not banning food exports

The government has been commended for restraining itself from banning food

exports to countries suffering from acute food shortage due to a long drought. He added that limiting food exports would affect Uganda’s balance of payments.

By Walter Wafula
29th August 2011  

Turn your property into cash

Mortgage Vs Equity Release Loan. Equity release is a way of turning

property into cash and is becoming an increasingly attractive option for older homeowners. The schemes can help to pay for a new car, a holiday, home improvements or simply provide extra income.

By Emmanuel Njuki
29th August 2011  

Korean choir speaks the language of music

Most of the songs were in Korean, but the melodies, drama and the intensity

with which the two were fused spoke a universal language. Blue Bird was inventive, requiring two solos, a tenor and an alto, to mimic the cries of several birds.
By Raymond Mpubani 
27th August 2011  

Ugandan borrow to meet basic needs

More than half of the loans borrowed by Ugandans are acquired to meet

basic needs, the commissioner for microfinance, Moses Kaggwa has said. He said: “63 per cent of the borrowers in the country request for money to meet basic needs than making investments.”

By Joseph Mitti
26th August 2011  

Committee to settle Uganda, south sudan trade disputes

Trade conflicts between Uganda and South Sudan will be resolved

by a Trade Dispute Arbitration Committee, formed by the two governments last week.The formation of the committee comes on the back of the accumulating number of trade disputes reported by Ugandan traders.

By Martin Luther Oketch
26th August 2011  

Uganda readies itself for digital migration

The process towards Uganda’s digital migration is set to begin next

month. To aid and accelerate the process, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has hired a team of technical experts to offer advice on the requirements and cost implications.

By Martin Luther Oketch
22th August 2011  

Getting Ugandans To Love Own Country

Then in early July, the government and its partners said they had mapped out a formula

of turning ordinary Ugandans into local tourists. A team of officials from the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry, the American Embassy in Kampala, and private sector players in the tourism industry headed to Kyambura Game

By Benon Herbert Oluka
17th August 2011  

Miss Uganda 2011 finalists unveiled at silk

The Miss Uganda 2011 finalists were unveiled last week at Club Silk. The girls

will camp for three weeks at Ndere Centre starting on August 22. At the camp, they will prepare for the finals, which will be held on September 10 at Golf Course Hotel.

By Sharon M Omurungi
15th August 2011  

Bombers to enter boxing camp

The national boxing team, the Bombers, start residential training on Monday

in a build-up for the All Africa Games due September 3- 18 in Maputo, Mozambique.

By Abdu Kiyaga
28th July 2011  

Ugandans Would Rather Watch Goat Races

The serenity lends it an aura of sanctity akin to what is found mostly in places of

worship. It is not a church though. And yet that is exactly what is disconcerting about the Uganda Museum. It should be a bustling cultural melting pot for people from all walks of life, but it largely is not; at least not on March 31 or the day after.

By Benon Herbert Oluka
25th April 2011  
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